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Arcserve Rebrand & Website

With its nearly 30-year history in the space, Arcserve, originally known as Computer Associates, had a compelling data backup and recovery story to tell—but it wasn’t being clearly communicated. The company was fighting for share of voice in a crowded playing field, full of look-alike brands and websites. Recent changes in Arcserve leadership set the stage for change. It was time to break out from the pack.

Often the first point of contact for prospective customers and partners, Arcserve’s website needed to clearly and succinctly communicate its reason for being and their key differentiators.

In parallel to refining the company’s brand positioning, we designed a new that not only illustrates their unique story, but facilitates a quick and seamless engagement with new customer prospects (lead gen)—ultimately directing them to the appropriate sales channels within Arcserve for downstream conversion.

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