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SIRVA iMove App

As a major service provider in large scale corporate relocation, SIRVA saw billions of dollars being distributed through lump-sum disbursements for complex, corporate employee relocations across the entire moving industry. To take advantage of this opportunity, they wanted a single tool that could allow transferees to easily coordinate and manage their move from beginning to end.


Partnering with SIRVA, we created the brand, designed the experience and developed the technology for iMove— a disruptive platform for relocation that brings together the knowledge, experience, quality, and vast selection of services of an industry leader like SIRVA for employees moving on their own into a single app.

Using the iMove app, employees will be able to receive their lump sum, create a personalized relocation plan, shop for services, make payments, and learn along the way. Digital tools will provide the means to coordinate and manage a move. Direct access to SIRVA’s relocation experts provide the human connection, reassurance and expertise that SIRVA is known for.

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